Yellowstone du 4 au 18 août 2019

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Yellowstone du 4 au 18 août 2019

Voir descriptif détaillé

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Le Journal de Bord

Day 1 04/08/2019 Arriving at Jackson Hole airport

We all landed off in Jackson Hole Airport where there were an arc made by moose antlers.
Some of us were delayed because of the thunderstorm which caused a fire on the third butte of East Gros Ventre Hills above the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
Discovering of the camping site with Sandrine, noodle diner and dodo time early ! :)

Day 2 05/08/2019 Grand Teton National Park’s discovery

We walked around the” Gros Ventre “campground next to a river.
After only 5 minutes of walking, we saw a female moose.
She ate sage bush then she moved towards us on the other side of the river. We continued to a pebble beach where we got to know each other while the bald eagle was watching us.
We left the camp to the Grand Teton National Park. Originally, we were supposed to discover the Phelps Lake, but we lost ourselves. It didn’t matter because we could observe a European antilop and different rocks such as sandstone, gabbro, andesite and a paragneiss aged of 2,7 million years. We continued the road to the Jenny Lake where we ate sandwiches on the south beach with a wonderful panorama.


To finish the day, we went to some stores in Jackson Hole to find bison steak, burger bread, salad and a poly tarp in the goal to eat burgers and celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the creation of the Yellowstone trip in a shelter against the rain even though it was actually Sunny !

Day 3 06/08/2019 On the road to Yellowstone National Park !

We will write you in approximately 4 days !

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