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Journalisme scientifique à Yellowstone du 23 juillet au 5 août 2017

Welcome to the scientific expedition at the Yellowstone National Park. Spend an unforgettable time to explore colorful hot springs, mudpots, and (...) Voir descriptif détaillé

Journalisme scientifique à Yellowstone du 23 juillet au 5 août 2017

Welcome to the scientific expedition at the Yellowstone National Park. Spend an unforgettable time to explore colorful hot springs, mudpots, and (...) Voir descriptif détaillé

10 teenagers
Scientific journalism
Des aventures hors du commun, des projets réels pour le développement durable


At the famous Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park, you will become part of our international scientific reportage team. With the help of geologists and your editorial team, Sandrine (organizer and reviewer) and Sebastien (video productor and editor), your mission will be : produce a video on the hydrothermalism (natural hot water) and the sizeable geothermal potential. The documentary will be projected at least in Switzerland at the Festival organised by the Fondation International du Film sur l’Énergie à Lausanne (FIFEL) and the Geneva Forum at the United Nations (ONU) in December.

Le Journal de Bord

Sunday 23th of July

We arrived at the airport and we met Sandrine, Philippa, Albane and Eloi. We slept in the Gros Ventre Campground, in the Grand Teton National Park.

Monday 24th of July

Beautiful arrival in the Yellowstone National Park.

We woke up at the Bridge Bay Campsite in the Yellowstone National Park. Then we went to the Mud Volcano site, where we saw some acid lakes (with a pH around 1) with amazing colors, which are due to some bacterias that live in these extremes conditions. Except the terrible smell of rotten-eggs (the dihydrogen sulphide). The landscape was beautiful and we had the opportunity to take some great pictures.

After our tour of the sulphur caldron, we ate lunch on the banks of the Yellowstone river. Then we drove to Fishing Bridge village to have a walk on the beach of the Yellowstone lake. It was very peacefull and the sight was stunning. Shortly after we decided to go back to our van, the rain started pouring. We took shelter in the Visitor Center. There were stuffed animals and a big 3D map of Yellowstone lake.

When the rain stopped, we were finally able to take a hot shower and everyone was so happy. On the way home we saw elks, squirrels and a bison.

Dinner is ready, we have to go. See you soon !!!

Tuesday 25th of July

It was cool, lake (yellowstone) was beautiful even if the weather was rainy !

The hotspring were really amazing with there differents colors and shapes from deep blue to flashy green.

Then went aking on the elephant back mountain trail after hours of hard camping we were welcome by an amazing view of the yellowstone lake and the moutain surrouding it.

Wednesday 26th of July

Today we swam in the Yellowstone lake and we spend time in the lake kodge in order to get wifi

Thursday 27th of July

We have seen the grand canyon of Yellowstone.
The waterfall was impressive and huge.

The trail was interessing even if it was short because some of repare work by the national park. We saw an Osprey eagle nest with the mummy and her two puppies. We took a lot beautiful pictures about this natural life.
Then on our way to Canyon village, we met a black bear cub, which was around four years old, he was sleeping during the time of our observation. We saw a lovely Buffalo (Bison, Bison) too.
In the evening, there was a terrifying storm, so we had to cook under a tarpautin.

Friday 28th of July

Today, we left the Bridge Bay Campground and drove to Oldfaithful ! We saw a gigantic geyser coming out of the ground. We visited thermal areas and set the campground in Madison. After setting up the tents, we went to West Yellowstone outside of the Park. We went to the supermarket to refull our supplies.

Saturday 29th of July

We first visited thermal areas, it was awesome and we saw a lot of bobys trees (=trees with a white bottom because of acidic lake). Then, we went to another thermal areas to listen to sound of water bubbling with a microphone. We saw a geyser erupting !
Finally, we made a trail of 7 miles (around 5 km) to see a waterfall but it was a river hihi...

Sunday 30th of July

Today, we went to the famous Mammoth Hot Springs. It was the occasion for us to see a new form of geologic deposition (non-volcanic) : calcite deposition. We went after to the visitor center where there were a lot of explanations.

Monday 31th of July

This day was enthralling ! Indeed, we went to the Grand Prismatic, the biggest hot spring of Yellowstone, and one of the most touristic.
During this visit, we interviewed tourists about their knowledge of the reason of the hot spring’s colors.
Then, we did a hike in Mallard lake trail.
We were after so tired, so we went to our camping’s river to get a good time relaxing on the water.

Tuesday 1st of August

This day really interesting and enthousiastic in a journalistic point of view. On the morning, we interviewed a german couple in front of the Grand Prismatic. The rest of the day, we were in the Old Faithful’s hotel, to prepare a mini sketch, to try to organize our film scenario and to interview as people as we could. It was our last day in the National Park of Yellowstone....

Wednesday 2nd of August

Today, we leave Yellowstone, heading to Grand Teton national Park. During the travel, we see some beautiful mooses !!

Thursday 3th of August

It’s time to go back to France… ;(

Who am I ?


This trip is part of a scheme launched by the Objectif Sciences International organization, the aim of which is to develop the skills of those who wish to work in the fields of science and communication in the future. If they so wish, campers are invited to submit their results to the UN in December under the framework of the Excellence Camps (www.vacances-scientifiques.com/Lead...).

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